“Unpredictable, over the top, with life or death conviction and reckless abandon, Skafish created punk, new wave and alternative rock in Chicago.” Cheap Trick

 “Jim Skafish was one of the geniuses I thought I could give to the world, but the world wasn’t ready!  As a pioneer, innovator and someone who was just too hard to classify, I realize now that all he did way back then was what the musical world would eventually become. He helped put Chicago on the map as the pioneer of Punk and New Wave there and on the international stage, gave audiences a really insane ride.” Miles Copeland – CEO of IRS Records, manager of Sting and the Police, booking agent for the Sex Pistols first European tour and first UK appearances by Patti Smith, Television, Blondie and Wayne County.

 “In a club/bar on Lincoln Avenue, I saw and heard the most unusual apparition and original music/lyrics of my experience.  Everything on stage, and the music that came off the stage, seemed to fly in the face of both musical and social conventions.”  Robin McBride - Former Head of Midwest & International A&R for Mercury Records - Producer / Executive Producer for such artists as: David Bowie, The Ohio Players, Rush, Buddy Miles, Kraftwerk, Tony Bennett and Dave Brubeck.

 “The best musician I know.” – Willie Dixon – Blues legend

 “Skafish not only single-handedly created the punk, new wave and alternative music movements of Chicago, he transcended these art forms both aurally and visually.  His genius is beyond what most people could ever comprehend or process.” John Anderson - 2005 Grammy Award nominee as the Director and Editor for the Brian Wilson Presents: SMiLE DVD, who has also worked with such artists as Patti Smith and The Residents.




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